Efficient and well-targeted communication is essential for success in the exchange and sharing of information. We will select a professional interpreter knowledgeable and experienced in a given field for your business meetings, training or foreign conferences.

We provide the following services:

  • Consecutive interpreting - business meetings, training, workshops
  • Simultaneous and booth interpreting at conferences, congresses, etc.
  • Courtroom interpreting - marriages, judicial proceedings
  • Escort interpreting - during business trips and meetings
  • Telephone/Skype interpreting
  • Interpreting equipment rental

What you can expect from our interpreters:

  • Perfect language skills
  • Professional approach
  • Pleasant demeanour
  • Thorough preparation and knowledge of the field
  • Loyalty and confidentiality

We will be happy to prepare a customized interpreting cost estimate for you.

All information and contacts disclosed to our interpreters in connection with their performance are considered strictly confidential and handled in accordance with privacy laws.

Building Fair Brno

This year too, we are going to participate in the construction trade fair which will take place from February 26th to 29th 2020 at the Brno exhibition grounds.

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Domain Adaptation of Machine Translation

Similarly to a tailored dress which ensures a better fit, also in the area of machine translation better results can be achieved by preparing or adapting a machine translation engine to a specific field (domain) such as medicine, engineering etc.

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