Correctly translated documents are the best way for a business to make a good first impression. In many cases impressive graphics or a wide range of products and services are just not enough. Accurate proofreading of the entire resulting text has a significant impact on the clarity of the message and above all on the prestige and image of a business in the target country.

Proofreading types:

  • Grammar/Linguistic proofreading - correcting the spelling and grammatical errors
  • Stylistic proofreading - stylistic adjustments and proper word choice
  • Pre-press proofreading - elimination of typos prior to printing or directly on a website
  • Checking for factual errors - making sure that correct factual/technical translation terms are used

Slovak texts will be proofread by a professional Slovak linguist. Foreign texts will be proofread by a native speaker of the given language.

Texts for proofreading:

  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • Websites, applications and software
  • Manuals, user guides, product sheets
  • Technical articles in impacted magazines
  • Legal and medical texts

Our proofreaders participate in proofreading the entire series of titles published by the Lingea publishing house. Since 1995 Lingea has been the supplier of spellcheckers for the Microsoft Office products.

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