A high quality, individual approach and optimal solutions are the key factors we build on. Our goal is to offer an efficient, customized process and to become your reliable long-term partner in the world of language services.

To achieve the maximum quality and speed of translation, we use our own, constantly updated, electronic, bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, language corpora and, last but not least, our own software language tools that we have been developing for more than 20 years.

We provide:

  • Translations of any volume and specialization supplied in any format
  • Technical translations from a wide range of fields, e.g. engineering, medicine, IT, law ...
  • Translations of stylistically demanding texts such as scripts, fiction or scientific articles
  • Translations between two foreign languages
  • Certified translations
  • Proofreading

Quality guarantee:

  • Consistent terminology and style of translation
  • Preservation of graphics and required format
  • Professional project management of all contracts, strong IT support
  • Thorough final checking
  • Consultancy and expert advice

Texts and materials for translation can be submitted:

  • by E-mail:
  • via our website: see order
  • by post: Záhradnícka 34, Bratislava, 821 08
  • by courier service: of your choice
  • personally at: Záhradnícka 34, Bratislava (see map)

Any and all materials you submit for translation or just to get a no obligation quote will be considered strictly confidential and treated in accordance with privacy laws.


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Domain Adaptation of Machine Translation

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